JD Prater

JD Prater

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Startups, B2B, Growth, Product
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I'm a seasoned, pi-shaped marketing leader that's deep in product marketing and growth marketing, which means I can figure out what needs to get done, make a plan, and roll up my sleeves and actually do the work.

Having led marketing teams at agencies, startups, and hyperscalers, I possess the unique experience and qualities to adapt and flex as the company and team grows. My friends describe me as a builder and self-starter with an entrepreneurial spirit and healthy degree of optimism. Balancing the left and right-brain, I'm as comfortable in spreadsheets as I am writing website copy. I excel at storytelling, developing and executing GTM strategies, and product positioning and messaging.

Outside of work, you'll find me riding my bike (gravel and cyclocross), catching some waves, working a crossword, and hanging with my family.