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Birding Strategies That Strangely Improve SEO — with Adam Di Frisco

August 14th, 2024

MKE DMC meeting speaker, Nick White

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We're digital marketers. We share the good stuff, the tough stuff, and sometimes the secret stuff.


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Over 12K Digital Marketers Live Here.

MKE DMC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that blends top-tier content and networking opportunities to keep Milwaukee digital marketers ahead of the curve. Our focus is building impactful relationships and advancing skills through in-person meetings

Mission statement and more

Monthly meetups happen at the Clubhouse, our dedicated community space in Milwaukee's Historic Third Ward.

... an engaging, dynamic and welcoming group that presents informative sessions and connects passionate marketers!

A club for digital marketers

Is  for you?

If you're into digital audiences, MKE DMC is for you.


Paid Ads / Media

Premium placement for a price, across all digital platforms.



Where code, content, data & detective work converge.



Personalized direct marketing with super high ROI.



Strategic collaborators on a messaging mission.


Social Media

Diverse engagement campaigns, up to date & on trend.



Creative quality content needs & supports marketing.

The Clubhouse

We DIY'd the perfect place for learning and mingling. You'll find the monthly meetup spot (AKA "The Clubhouse") in Milwaukee's Historic Third Ward at 318 N. Milwaukee St., Milwaukee, WI 53202.

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... a great opportunity to learn and network.

The People

Meet our board, volunteers, and speaker community. MKE DMC is an expert and member-led digital marketing community in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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MKE DMC meeting speaker, Nick White
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We couldn't do this without a little help from our friends. These fine folks keep MKE DMC running smoothly for the community.

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