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Tamara Hellgren — Club speaker, June 2024
Renee Girard — Club volunteer & speaker, June 2024

The meetup on 5/15 was 🤯...

Nick White from Origin talked about Data Strategy.

It was so good that we spent 12 hours on the write-up.

Thanks to Ski Team & Independent Studios for sponsoring!

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Jeremy Packee — Club speaker, June 2024


MKE DMC, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, connects Milwaukee’s digital marketers through monthly in-person events. Our goal is to build relationships and advance skills through in-real life meetups. Join us monthly at our community space in Milwaukee's Third Ward to learn and connect with digital marketers in Wisconsin and beyond.

Mission statement and more
Nick White, presenting on Data Strategy at MKE DMC in May 2024.
A club for digital marketers

Is  for you?

If you're into digital audiences, MKE DMC is for you.



Premium placement for a price, across all digital platforms.



Where code, content, data & detective work converge.



Personalized direct marketing with super high ROI.



Strategic collaborators on a messaging mission.


Social Media Marketers

Diverse engagement campaigns, up to date & on trend.


& SMEs

Creative quality content needs & supports marketing.

entrance to MKE DMC community space on North Milwaukee Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


Our dedicated community space is located at 318 N. Milwaukee St., Milwaukee, WI 53202

We painted the walls and patched the drywall holes in Momentic's old startup office to create the perfect vibe and location for our monthly in-person meetups. We even have a clubhouse Google bike.

MKE DMC's location details

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Beyond excited for MKE DMC events! Face-to-face beats screens any day and our tight-knit SEO community is unbeatable – can't wait to see familiar and new faces!

- Renee G., former MKEsearch member


Meet our board, our leadership staff, and our speaker community. MKE DMC is an expert and member-led digital marketing community in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

MKE DMC people
Tyler Einberger, 2024

“We need to find ways to connect with each other in person, build relationships, and share our experiences. Bringing back MKEsearch and rebranding it as MKE DMC is how we create a vibrant and sustainable digital marketing community—something that Milwaukee greatly needs."

- Tyler Einberger, MKE DMC president, board member & former MKEsearch member
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