About the Org

Connecting Milwaukee's digital marketers. Stay informed, share knowledge, and grow in a warm, inclusive community.
A club for digital marketers

What  Stands For

The Milwaukee area is home to over 12,000 marketers. MKE DMC's purpose is to connect them and encourage growth by removing barriers and promoting open collaboration.



The energy of in-person events is irreplaceable. That's why we created a relaxed, approachable atmosphere where genuine dialogue and sharing happen. We want our members to leave each meeting with insights, ‘aha’ moments, and real-life connections.


Not Exclusive.

MKE DMC is for inspirers, collaborators, introverts, and extroverts alike. Egos are left at the door. It’s a place for authentic conversations with real experts, where we gain new ideas and deeper understanding by connecting with our peers and other professionals.



We keep you aligned with the latest trends and inspired to explore the cutting edge of digital marketing. United by our passion, we continually push the boundaries of what's possible in our field.



MKE DMC is dedicated to making digital marketing accessible and exciting for everyone. By removing barriers to knowledge, we grow together and make continuous learning a shared experience.

Why we exist


MKE DMC connects Milwaukee’s digital marketing community by building genuine relationships and creating authentic connections.

We keep you informed and inspired with the latest trends and fresh ideas in digital marketing.

We facilitate knowledge sharing and meaningful interactions to support your career growth. Our inclusive environment thrives on contributions, where our collective strength comes from freely sharing our expertise.

We focus on real education, genuine connections, and a healthy dose of fun, embodying the warmth and community spirit of Milwaukee.

More About the Club

 Code of Conduct

MKE DMC is dedicated to provide a welcoming experience for all in attendance: whether members or one-time visitors. We feel it is necessary to establish a Code of Conduct to set expectations before attending any of our events be it educational or social.

Read our full code of conduct statement here >>


Questions we anticipate being frequently asked

How is MKE DMC different than MKEsearch?
How is MKE DMC different than other local digital marketing groups?
What about students... do we get a discount?
How do you choose sponsors?
How do you choose speakers?
Other questions? Ping our inbox. hello@mkedmc.org.