Grant Nelson

Grant Nelson

Helped build the MKE DMC brand.
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Design, Strategy, Growth, Audiences
Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Grant Nelson is a seasoned Senior Digital Strategist at Granular, leveraging his expertise in marketing strategy and branding to make a mark in the digital landscape. Prior to his role at Granular, Grant embarked on a diverse career journey, initially as a graphic designer in the sports industry.

Taking a bold step, Grant temporarily shifted gears and explored the world of outdoor education as a camp counselor and programming lead at an adventure camp in Taiwan. This unique experience not only added depth to his skill set but also reflects his adventurous spirit.

Upon returning, Grant seamlessly transitioned into marketing strategy and branding roles, leaving a mark on the national cheese industry. His contributions played a pivotal role in the successful launch of new product lines and the rebranding of renowned cheese brands. The outstanding work of his team garnered Graphic Design USA awards, rapid ACV growth, and showcasing their excellence in the field.

Beyond the professional realm, Grant is an avid activity enthusiast. Whether it's the thrill of playing hockey, the freedom of biking, the rush of skiing, or the exploration of the underwater world through scuba diving, Grant embraces life with passion. Currently, he's also testing the frozen waters, quite literally, by trying his hand at the classic sport of curling.

Grant Nelson's journey is a testament to his versatility, creativity, and the adventurous spirit that defines both his professional and personal pursuits.

TL;DR: Grant is defined by Birkenstocks, my golden retriever, and my comfortable midwestern vibes. You know the vibes… always willing to invite you over for cards, casserole, and conversation where you goodbye say 15 times.