Andrew Foxwell

Andrew Foxwell

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Foxwell Digital
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Meta, Advertising, Cycling, Hiking
Madison, Wisconsin


Andrew Foxwell has been advertising on Meta since it was invented. (Yes, he's a grandpa in the paid social industry.)

He got his start running Facebook ads for members of Congress, where he worked across the party lines to help 100+ Members of Congress reach more constituents more effectively. He then transitioned to Silicon Valley, running one of the first News Feed post ads on the platform. In his time at 3Q Digital, he worked with Beats By Dre, GoPro, Fitbit, Eventbrite, and hundreds of other DTC brands.

From there he and his wife Gracie launched Foxwell Digital, a paid social consultancy and agency focused on transparency, honesty, and authenticity. Since the start of Foxwell Digital 11 years ago, he and Gracie have worked with hundreds of brands spending hundreds of millions on the platform, including KIND Snacks, Hilton, The Grand Ole Opry, Blenders Eyewear, Pura Vida Bracelets, and more.

In parallel to this, six years ago they began to develop online courses teaching others how to do Facebook ads. Since then, they've had hundreds of course customers and started a paid community called the Foxwell Founders, which consists of 500 members from 28 countries spending $500M/month just on Meta alone. Learn more at