Adam Di Frisco

Birding Strategies That Strangely Improve SEO

Ope! You missed this one, but don't worry, we took really good notes!
Improve your SEO inputs with... BIRDING techniques??? 🐦 Yes, for real!
Aug 14, 2024
5:30 pm
318 N Milwaukee St

Meeting brief

SEO by Ear: Birding Strategies That Can Strangely Elevate Your SEO

Join Adam Di Frisco at MKE DMC on August 14 to explore new ways to listen to your audience and beef up your SEO strategies. He'll merge birding-by-ear expertise with SEO. Learn how understanding your audience can refine your SEO strategy. This talk covers:

  • Pinpointing where to listen to your audience at each stage.
  • Turning feedback into SEO actions.
  • Using forums and social media for insights.
  • Recognizing local business cues and regional trends.

Post from Craig on Twitter: as you age, it's ridiculous how fast bird-watching creeps up on you. you spend your whole life being 100% indifferent to birds, and then one day you're like "damn is that a yellow-rumpled warbler"?!
@craig13377337 on Twitter with a real take.

Birding Strategies That Strangely Improve SEO

Aug 14, 2024 5:30 PM
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